Angel of Hades - Uriel, Raphael. The 1st (Uriel) is set over Tatarus; the 2nd (Raphael) is “prince of Hades.” While Raphael is in charge of departed souls, the officiating angel of the newly dead was, at least originally, Uriel.

Angel of Hail (or Hailstorms) - Bardiel or Baradiel or Barchiel; also Nuriel, Yurkami, and the twins Irin Kaddishin.

Angel of Healing - Usually Raphael; but also Suriel and Assiel.

Angel of Health - Mumiah; also Raphael.

Angel of Heavenly Baptism - Seldac.

Angel of Hell - There are 7 presiding angels of Hell under the thnarchy of Duma(h). The order 6 most commonly listed are Kshiel, Lahatiel, Shafriel, Maccathiel, Churtriel, Pasiel. Other listings give Dalkiel, Rugziel, Nasagiel.

Angel of Herbs - In the Alphabet of Rabbi Akiba, the angel of herbs (unnamed) is included among the “spendid, terrible, and might angel chiefs” who passed before God to extol and rejoice in the 1st Sabbath.

Angel of Herism - Narsinha, who is the “man-lion avatar” and “lord of heroism.”

Angel Over Hidden Things - Satarel (Sartael), and Gethel (Ingerthal).

Angel of the Hills - Like the angel of herbs, the angel of the hills, unnamed, eas included by Rabbi Akiba among the “splendid, terrible, and might angel chiefs” who passed before God to ectol and rejoice in the 1st Sabbath.

Angel of His Presence - Usually applied to Shekinah. “Iall their affliction he was afflicted, and the angel of his presence saved him.” See Angels of the Face; Angel of Sanctification; Angel of Glory. In rabbinic lore there are 12 angels of this class, with Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Zagzagael prominent among them.

Angel of Hoarfrost - An angel mentioned but not named in Enoch I.

Angel of Holiness [Angel of Sanctification]

Angel of the Holy Spirit - Gabriel. In Charles, The Ascension of Isaiah IX, Isaiah sees the angel of the holy spirit in the 7th Heaven “on the left of my Lord.”

Angel of Hope - Phanuel, as designated by Jean Danielou in his Angels and Their Missions. Phanuel is also the angel of penance “who holds the devil in his power.”

Angel of Horror - The cherubim, who surround the throne of glory and who “strike fear and terror in the hearts of all who behold them.”

Angel of Hostility (mal’akh hammastemah) - Usually applied to Beliel or Beliar or Mastema.

Angel of Humanity - In the Revelation of Moses, the angel of humanity appears to Eve in Eden when she is on her knees praying for forgiveness of her sins. The angel raises her up, saying: “Arise, Eve, from thy repentance; for behold, Adamthy husband has gone forth from his body.” This was the first news to Eve that Adam had died. Eve died 6 days later.

Angel of Hurricanes [Za'miel; Zaafiel]