Angel of the Face (or Angels of the Presence) - Among the most frequently mentioned angels of the face in rabbinic lore are Metatron, Michael, Jehoel, Suriel, Yefehfiah, Zagzagael, Uriel. There were 12 of them and they were also spoken of as the angels of sanctification or the angels of glory–all of them circumcised at creation.

Angel of Fall (autumn) - Torquaret.

Angel of Fascination [Tablibik]

Angel of Fasts - Sangariah, as cited in The Zohar (Exodus 207a).

Angel of Fate [Manu]

Angel of Fear (Yrouel; Morael) - These are amulet angels.

Angel of February (Barchiel; Barbiel) - for angels governing the other months of the year. In ancient Persian lore, the angels of February was Isfandarmend.

Angel of Fertility - In Mandacan lore, the angel of fertility is Samandriel or Yus(h)amin. In Talmud Pesikta Rabbiati, it is cited that “Abraham gave heed to the Angel of Fertility when the great Lawgiver, then in his 100th year, was told by God to visit Sara in her tent.” Abraham heeded God’s counsel. Sara was 90 at the time and barren; but, through perhaps the overshadowing of Samandriel or Yus(h)amin, she conceived and gave birth to Isaac. Another heavenly spirit present at the union of the aged couple was the Shekinah.

Angel of the Fiery Furnace - The angel of the Lord (not named) walking in the midst of the unconsuming fire with Sidrach, Misach, and Abednego, the 3 Judaen princes captive in Babylon who had refused to obey Nebuchadnezzar’s command to worship aa golden image. The angel miraculously delivered the 3 princes from death. He was later described by the Babylonian king as having a form like that of “the Son of God.”

Angel of the Fifth Heaven - The presiding spirit of the 5th Heaven is Michael–that is, if the 5th Heaven is Machum; but if the 5th Heaven is Mathey, then the presiding spirit is Sammael. Assisting angels ruling in the 5th Heaven include Friagne, Hyniel, Ofael, Zaliel. [Rf. de Abano, The Heptameron.] In Mohammedan lore, the 5th Heaven is abode of the Avenging Angel “who presides over elemental fire.”

Angel of Fire - Nathaniel (Nathanel), Arel, Atuniel, Jehol, Ardarel, Gabriel, Seraph; also Uriel, “angel of the fire of the sun.” Revelation speaks of the angel of the heavenly alter “who has authority over fire. Cf. Agni, the vedic god of fire and mediator (angel) between gods and men. The Zorastrian genius of fire is Atar. In the Fourth Book of Maccabees there is mention of an angel of fire whom Aaron overcomes; he is to be compared witht destroyying spirit in Reider, The Book of Wisdom. When the Baal-worshipping Jair succeeded Abimelech to the throne in Israel and ordered the 7 men faithful to God to be consigned to the flames, Nathanael, “lord over fire,” extinguished the flames and enabled the 7 to escape. Nathanael then burnt Jair along with 1,000 of his men. One of Marc Chagall’s celebrated oils is his apocalyptic Angel of Fire or Flaming Angel (the canvas is titled “Decent of the red Angel”) that plunges from Heaven on a peaceful and unsuspecting world, and shatters it.

Angel of Firmament - Hlm Hml.

Angel of the First Heaven - Sabrael, Asrulyu, Pazriel (Sidriel), Gabriel, etc.

Angel over Fish - Gagiel, Arariel, Azareel.

Angel of Flame - El Auria, a name equated with Quriel (Uriel).

Angel of the Flaming Sword [Angel of the Garden of Eden]

Angel of Food - Manna; the angel of nourishment is Isda.

Angel of the Footstool - In Arabic lore, the angel of their footstool (Kursi) offers arrivals to the 7th Heaven a pillar of light to support them when standing before the devine judge for interrogation.

Angel of Force - Afriel, equated with Raphael.

Angel of Forests [Zuphlas]

“Angel of the Forest” - The title of Marguerite Young’s chronicle of the Rappites, a German religious
sect that established a short-lived community on the Wabash River during the years 1815-1824. The title derives from the angel (Gabriel) whom Father Rapp, cult leader, claimed he saw in the forest–an angel “with the good taste to leave footprints behind”–for these footprints can be seen, to this day on a stone slab in New Harmony, Indiana.

Angel of Forgetting or Forgetfulness (or Oblivion) - usually Potech or Purah.

Angel of Fornication [Angel of Lust]

Angel of the Four Cardinal Points (or regents of the Earth) - In Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, the “winged globe and fiery wheel,” recalling Ezekiel’s description of the 4 living creatures (Ezekiel I) glimpsed at the River Chebar. In Hindu lore, the 4 regents are the Chatur Maharajas, and are named Dhritar-ashtra, Virudhaka, Viripakasha, and Vaishravana.

Angel of the Four Elements - Over fire, Seraph or nathaniel; over air, Cherub; over water, Tharis or Tharus; over earth, Ariel.

Angel of the Four Winds - Uriel, over the south; Michael, over the east; Raphael, over the west (serving also a governor of the south, with Uriel); Gabriel, over the north. Revelation 7 speaks of “four angels standing at the four corners of the earth.” The Book of the Angel Raziel gives Usiel (Uzziel) as one of the 4 angels of the 4 winds.

Angels of the Fourth Heaven - Michael; Shamshiel; Shahakiel.

Angel over (Wild) Fowl - Trgiaob

Angel over Free Will [Tabris]

Angel over Friday - Anael (Haniel, Anafiel); Rachiel; Sachiel.

Angel of Friendship - In ancient Persian lore, the angel of friendship was Mihr. He was also the angel of love and ruled the 7th month.

Angel over Fruit (or Fruit tree) - Sofiel; Alpiel; Serakel; Ilaniel; Eirnilus.

Angel of Fury - Ksoppghiel, who is the leader of the many angels of this order.

Angel of the Future - Teiaiel or Isiaiel. In Assyro-Babylonian mythology, the god of Foresight was Adad.